Sunday, October 5, 2008

....aaaand Wrigley goes dark

There's no way I could post about this without coming across as a massive sarcastic dick to Cubs fan(s)....but seriously - that has to hurt. Swept out of the playoffs by the Manny-led buzzsaw Dodgers, and the drought continues. You shoulda' shaved the goat off, Reeder.

Speaking of which - Dodgers/Red Sox World Series.....that would be fun, wouldn't it? Unless the Sox ultimately prevailed, of course. I don't need that kind of fun in my life.


Anonymous said...

When asked what would happen if the Cubs won the World Series, Dempster jokingly commented,"I'd say the top of the Budweiser building blows off. People storm the field. Huge chunks of ivy are ripped off the walls. Police cars are turned over on Addison, on Waveland, on Sheffield, and you can't walk within a 45-block radius of Wrigley Field because people will be drinking there for seven to 10 days. What a great feeling."[3] He is also known for his Harry Caray impression. Most notably, he announced the Cubs' starting lineup while speaking like Caray before a nationally televised baseball game on Fox Sports.

get him J.P.

dave said...

I was at this party last night and I was talking to a buddy of mine (a big Jays fan) and this chick who said she was a massive Red Sox fan.

I mention that I might want a Red Sox/Dodgers world series. My friend instantly gets pissed and says "fuck that". The chick is all excited... until I mention how Manny will walk into Fenway and Sox fans will hate him and boo him.

I kid you not, tears started welling up in her eyes, "no! no! no! I don't want that!!"

"Well, do you want Manny to hit bombs and help the Dodgers win games?"

"No! I just..."

And she walked away because she couldn't handle the idea of disliking Manny or the Sox losing at his hands.

Sounds like a good time to me.

(unless, like you said, the Red Sox win)

eyebleaf said...

I'm not going to say anything or laugh at Cubs fan. Like the post says, going out like complete bitches was bad enough.

I'm all for Dodgers/Red Sox and I will go out and buy a Dodgers jersey and cheer my ass off for them.

Fuck the Red Sox, fuck Papi, fuck Youk, fuck Pedroia, Jason Bay - you're cool, and fuck Varitek. Oh, and fuck Papelbon, that bitch.

bs said...

how'd that dance go Cubs fan?

Joanna said...

manny winning the world series for the dodgers against the sox would be so fucking fantastic...all this talk about how Manny isn't a professional baseball player is driving me mental

Anonymous said...

joanna and Co, it probably won't come to that. It would probably be Rays/Phillies! BUT if it is Hollywood VS Beantown THEN the Red Soxs are a shoe-in. Torre is Francona's bitch. Sorry folks, the Rays are the lesser of two eveils because Hollywood would fold like a cheap camera to Boston. But that won't happen BECAUSE the Phillies will win!