Sunday, September 28, 2008

The offseason starts early

Seriously, does this three game set in Baltimore even count? Like, in the standings? What? It does? For real?

It feels an awful lot like the umpiring crew went to Cito and Deer in the Headlights Trembley on Friday night and said "OK fellas...pretty wet out here - call it a day? Don't worry Dave, we'll give you tomorrow's game. Deal? Deal."

On to pressing business....

As expected, JP Ricciardi is working on an extension for AJ to keep him from hitting the open market. And also as expected, the reported offer is in the ballpark of market, but definitely not market. So the question becomes, is the rumored 2 yr/$15M-per offered extension (on top of the 2 yr/$12M-per remaining) merely JP's opening salvo, or is it a carefully considered figure sure to be seen as fair-ish, but equally sure to be declined? I'll save the debate on the appropriateness of a 4 year deal for a power-pitcher-with-a-history-of-arm-troubles-who's-been-worked-like-a-dog-this-season for another time.

There's no question in my mind that the Jays braintrust desperately wants Huggy back in the rotation in 2009, but I actually believe JP when he says he won't get inot a bidding war for the sure-to-be coveted free agent. On the other hand, I reeeaaalllly want to believe AJ when he says it's not all about the money - that it's about feeling comfortable, it's about familiarity (oh yeah - Arnsberg re-upped for two years...), it's about being part of the family, etc.....but, I'

Prove me wrong, AJ. Prove me wrong.

And then there was one
The last game of the regular season (in a non-playoff year, but that goes without saying) always gets me down, even if it was a wildly frustrating year that, at times, felt like it would never end. But hey - at least the offseason's already underway.


EB0 said...

I can't understand for the life of me why anyone wants AJ back...

dave said...

He's a great #2 and look at his numbers against the top teams in the A.L. East, lights fucking out.