Monday, September 15, 2008

Well, that's a pisser

While we're not prepared to raise the white flag, we have to admit that it is hard to bask in our own idiotic sense of superior unbreakable noble loyalty to the team when hanging onto the rail of this ship means that we've been breathing water since Friday night. If we were a little smarter about this, we'd recognize the difference between "holding on for dear life" and "going down with the ship".

But as we've said before, we're willing to hold on until we hit bottom.

So what's left to root for? How about 90 wins? The Jays would need to go 10-2 in their remaining games to hit that mark, which would be the most wins since 1998...the salad days of Tim Johnson and José Canseco.

Angry idiot fans are all over the place
The comments section in yesterday's post by the Ack features one of the most ludicrous statements that we've ever read in our comments section...and of course, it was left by an anonymous commenter:

Bottonline: Doc has been a rose upon a dungheap BUT he needed to get it done and didn't.Guess what the two last games he pitched were arguably the most meaningful of his career , what happened? Lester, former cancer victim, AND winner of a world Series game outpitched him. Right now, Lester is the better pitcher and beat Halladay. To win big games, either you tie OR put zeroes on the board. In this case two runs was too much.

So...what's your point? You're gonna look at one game where Halladay pitched well enough to win but lost, and somehow question his manhood because it was a "big game" and therefore he should have pitched a complete game shutout one THREE DAYS REST to prove his bona fides? Really?

Lester is an excellent pitcher, but the fact that he gave up one fewer earned run (and two more walks, for whatever that's worth) than Halladay and the fact that he recovered from cancer two years ago somehow proves that he's better than Doc? Really? You're gonna say that about the same Roy Halladay who had his appendix yanked out with rusty instruments and was back on the mound two and a half weeks later?

The other awesome example of idiocy is the second caller from yesterday's JaysTalk, who pretty much spouts off all of the stupid arguments that angry JaysTalk callers have made over the past year in one fell swoop. He also earns double bonus points for dropping the fact that he played Division 1 baseball, as if to prove that his ramblings meant any more because at some point he warmed the pines at Upper Appalachian Tech. Wicked.


Brendan said...

To the crazy anon troll who I can't help but feeding: Have you ever been to New York? Or Boston? They sure hate Ted Williams in Boston for not winning "the big one." Oh, and Roger. They hated that bastard when he was there. If only he'd put up zeroes, then Bill Buckner wouldn't have mattered. They always say that. Despite what you might think(and despite my hatred for them) they have knowledgeable fans. To say he'd be ripped in any of those places is laughable. Go listen to TheFan660 for a while, and get a sense of the fans in New York. No intelligent fan, from any city, would ever shit on Halladay for his performance yesterday. The Jays lost. It was sad. Whatever. Pinning it on Halladay is ridiculous. If the Jays had tied it or won it in the 9th, then would it have been okay? Then would he have been a "big-game" pitcher because they didn't lose?
And Lester...yes, he had Cancer a couple years ago. Congrats to him for coming back and being successful.
Let's use your logic for a second:
I had Cancer(true). I like to blog about the Jays. Let's say once or twice a year I put up a post that blows the Jays blogosphere away(probably not gonna happen). Tao here, puts up great posts every day, and is a preferred stop for people looking for Jays content on a daily basis. Would those 1 or 2 posts a year make me a better writer/blogger than Tao because simply because I had Cancer?

I wish this wasn't a Monday after a crappy series with Boston, or else I probably wouldn't have wasted the last 3 minutes of my life being all cranky and knee-jerk annoyed with that shit.

bs said...

Doc is a victim of his own greatness. If he doesn't throw a CG shutout, people think he shit the bed. God, there are some retarded fucking fans in Toronto.

Tao of Stieb said...

Yeah, or how about the fact that if not for Halladay and his amazing performance all season long, the Jays wouldn't have had a hope in hell of being in a "must-win" game.

People who want to shit on Doc for losing yesterday are fans who check in on the Jays once every month or so, and make their judgments based on the last inning that they watched.

It would be like pulling one page out of Moby Dick, and saying "Hey man, this Ahab guy is a real leader in the dressing room!"

Chris from Windsor said...

This ship is sinking? When the fuck did Shea Hillenbrand start blogging here?

Tao of Stieb said...


Although to be fair, wasn't Hillenbrand spouting off about sinking ships in June?

eyebleaf said...

where the fuck is that loser Hillenbrand now, anyway?

the more i look at that picture, the more i want to knock the living fuck out of that midget pint-sized mother fucking fucker pedroia.

Tao of Stieb said...

We loved seeing Lyle come up shouting at the umpire. He was maniacal.

A question to anyone with more experience or knowledge of umpiring than us: Was Eddings out of position? He was in a bad spot to make the call, but that doesn't necessarily mean he was in the wrong place.

Chris from Windsor said...

Sorry Tao, I just call 'em like I see em, hahaha.

Amazingly, I can answer some of these questions in the last few posts.

Hillenbrand caught on with the York Revolution of the independent Atlantic League, this was shortly after his son was mauled by a Lemur in a visit to the zoo. No. Seriously.

As far as the umpiring goes, I'm a Little League umpire of 12 years and have officiated in 6 Canadian National Tournaments. Eddings was in the right place for the call even though he made the wrong call, with runners on base the 2nd base umpire should be on the infield grass. And with Lind on 1st that's where he was.

Sorry for that Hillenbrand bit, it was below the belt.

Anonymous said...

Overbay's slide was not a typical one -- he slid around the bag on the inside, so the ump simply couldn't see the bag or the glove, which sucks because based on the time the throw arrived, you can kind of see why he made the call he did. But you watch that same play in any other game and the ump is right there.

eyebleaf said...

i just thought it was douche-baggy of the umpire to point at his forearm, as if to say he made the right call. when by pointing at his forearm all he was doing was showing us that he was in the wrong position. from where he was standing, yes, overbay's lead arm looked it was the culprit and he was out, but overbay snuck his other arm in on the bag first.

fuck i don't even know if that made any sense. all i know is that the 2nd base umpire was a douchebag.