Thursday, September 4, 2008

Walkoffs, playoffs and brushoffs

What's not to love about an 11-inning walkoff win? Especially one where your most dreamy hitting prospect ever comes up with a big two-out two-strike bottom-of-the-ninth hit against one of the best two or three closers in the game to tie the game up. Rosy-cheeked Travis Snider might not be hammering tape measure shots into the 500 Level (yet), but he's looked like he can fit in this lineup, in spite of being the youngest position player in the big leagues.

Oh, and don't forget Johnny McDonald driving in the winning run. That's always good for the soul.

We were all excited yesterday when we discovered that the Advanced A Dunedin Blue Jays had made the Florida State League playoffs. Playoffs! Then this morning, we come to find out that the D-Jays have already been sent packing by the Fort Myers Miracle...who just happen to be the affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. So what goes around...

But don't be too discouraged, faithful Blue Jays Single-A affiliate fans! The Lansing Lugnuts of the Midwest League started their playoff drive last night, albeit with a 3-1 loss to the Dayton Dragons, the Reds' affiliate in the circuit.

We were listening to the game on the radio last night with a head full of NyQuil, so we missed the visuals of Travis Snider's first at bat in Toronto. From the sounds of things (via two outstanding posts from Neate at Out of Left Field and the Drunks), it's just as well that we didn't see it.

Forget it, Jake. It's Hockeytown.


Anonymous said...

Go nuts, Lugnuts!

The Ack said...

As a non-GTA resident, I'm opening myself up for attack here, but.....I mean......with the Jays out of the race, playing a mid-week game in September, against a non-rival like the Twins.....what did anyone expect from the Toronto crowd? Maybe if the Yankees or Red Sox were in town and there was still a shit reaction, sure. I guess what I'm saying's not exactly a state fucking secret that the percentage of hardcore actual BASEBALL fans (ie: the ones who would know what a special player Snider is/will be) in the city pales in comparison to the casual "oh, the Jays are playing tonight? Are they winning this year?" types.

So....I just think Wilner was a little over the top about the whole thing, personally.

Related but unrelated, people complaining about the Snider crowd reaction no longer have any right to chastise AJ for his "breakfast, lunch & dinner" comment. Fuck, I've really talked myself into missing him already.

dave said...

Wilner's specialty is to be extreme.

But I do think the actual broadcast crew should have known better.

dave said...

Oh, and... Go Lugnuts!

Tao of Stieb said...

Wilner might have laid it on thick, but given the fact that his life's work these days seems to be talking to nincompoops who spout off angry rebukes about anything and everything before they even give it much thought, we'll give him a pass on this.

Besides: Fuck CuJo.

And...Go Nuts!

Brendan said...

Don't blame the fans, do blame the Jays/Rogers/whoever. It's their job to promote the players and the team, including blue-chip prospects. There have already been a billion stories about Luke effin' Schenn, and everyone in Toronto knows who he is. Most sports fans in Toronto have no idea who Snider is.

Anonymous said...

Snider looks like he might be able to play full time on the 2009 Jays. I'de rather keep Snider up here and sign someone like Sheets than sign someone like Giambi.

dave said...

Oh please no!

I understand being hopeful about the kid but it hasn't even been a week! Not having a consistent big bat is the reason the Jays won't be making the playoffs... again. Bring someone in and give Snider the opportunity to push Overbay out of the lineup.

They cannot put next season on the shoulders of Snider. Cannot.

(that being said, what a game from him)

Go Lugnuts!

dave said...

Nevermind, they got swept. There goes that.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is a risk, but I'de rather put the little money we have to spend in the off season on pitching than on another bat. We have no idea how half of our pitching staff will play next year (McGowan, Litsch, Janssen, Purcey), not to mention losing Burnett. I think the best thing to do is put the money towards pitching.

Our offense for the first half of the season was brutal. But Lind wasn't playing, Wells and Rolen were injured and Rios was hitting poorly. Not to mention Thomas and Stairs were showing their age and Eckstein wasn't the lead off man we wanted him to be. I think they can take the gamble and have Snider as a DH/LF next year.

Anyways I'de much rather put money on someone like Sheets than guys like Giambi or Delgado.

Darren Priest said...

Not that this was hard to find, but here's a list of the 2009 free agents:

Start making those wish lists now. Mark Texiera, anyone?

Brendan said...

For too many seasons we've played the "well if Rios/Wells/Overbay/whoever comes back from injury, and so-and-so plays up to form, then the Jays will be awesome!!" game. I'm tired of it. Let's sign a guy or two with a recent track record, and let Snider come along as he comes.