Friday, September 12, 2008

Jays wear funny hats, score late, win

You know, we were so pleased to see the Blue Jays wearing caps again a few months back that it didn't even really matter to us what they looked like. They were blue. It was good.

Then we actually saw one on the shelf at Ye Olde Jays Tuck Shoppe, and damn it if the cap didn't look purple. It was totally the wrong blue for the Jays, and it certainly has no business being combined with the black and grey unis as they did last night.

(Oh yeah...last night...Jays win 6-4. New win streak. Ooh-rah.)

So yeah, we're going all Jeanne Beker about this, but would it kill the Jays to get some frickin' blue back in their colour scheme? Has anyone in the front office noticed how many fans instantaneously gravitated to the new/retro powder blues and all of the offshoot merchandise?

Maybe if Godfrey really is gone for good after this year, the Jays' next president will look to expunge his sartorial legacy. We're sure that John Tory wouldn't have any aversion to blue if he does take over, as has been discussed in certain circles.

Speaking of fashion
The exceedingly well-attired Cathal Kelly has the story on the "fashion show" put on by the Jays' rookies last night for the benefit of the vets on the team.

And when we say Kelly is a well-dressed man, we mean it. Dude rocks a pocket square in the press scrums. The last time Bob Elliot had a pocket square, it was when he discovered an uneaten Rice Krispie treat from a media buffet table left behind in an old pair of chinos.

Ya hear, Damien Cox and Michael Friscowhatever? The Jays take on the BoSox, in the first of seven meetings with the Wild Card leaders between now and the end of the season. Sweep those games, and who knows... That little tramp Destiny may have big sloppy hummer in store for the Jays yet.

It's on! And the Ack will be here to tell you all about it.


eyebleaf said...

meaningful games in september. this qualifies. this is what we all asked for. the season has been a quasi-success.

The Ack said...

Oh, I'll be telling you about it alright, I just haven't decided if Serious Ack or F-Bomb Ack is going to show up yet. I'm basically schizophrenic.

I love what's happening right now. We have nothing to lose heading into this series. I mean, we have no chance, right? Pressure's on the Sox.

motherfucker, I'm excited.

j.d. said...

Schizophrenia is not the same as multiple personality disorder. One (the former) is a real and potentially serious disorder. The latter can be taken about as seriously as fibromyalgia (i.e.: not at all). Just so you know.

The Ack said...

touche, although schizophrenia also can entail unusual and disorganized speech and though patterns, so there you go.

Tao of Stieb said...

Ah yes. We love playing this game:

"My Pain is Real and Profound - Yours is a Load of Horse-Hooey and You Are a Big Faker."

On a weekend in September when we're really excited about Jays baseball, our greatest hope is that people with fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and the boogie-woogie influenza all converge in the comment section of our blog to air their grievances with one another.

Oh, and on another note: PLAYOFFS MICKEY FICKEY!!!

j.d. said...

Let me (loosely) tie it all together then. AJ Burnett's elbow has been healthy this season because he discovered that Tahitian Noni juice cures the fibromyalgia that has inflicted his elbow in the past. His continued good health is one of the main reasons it's super- exciting to watch the Jays these days. A bit better?

The Manute Bol Experience said...

Those blue caps looked exactly like Indians caps from afar to me.

This rain delay fucking blows.

rob ducey's nephew said...

I heard the caps were "special" Canadian caps to commemorate 9/11. Seriously. I heard that. Am I not the only one who heard that???

Derek Vicino said...

As a red sox fan, i've been very impressed with the Blue Jays in the second half. If they could ever stay healthy they would be right in the middle of everything. That said, this is still a big 4 game series for both teams. It's always good to hear other fans opinions on my blog, feel free to check it out at:

dave said...

What could make this night worse?

Brad Fullmer fan finding this blog and starting to comment.