Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why are these men smiling?

Because Richard Griffin has employed his unparalleled skills in deductive reasoning to figure out that both of them will be back next year.

We assume this means that Wednesdays with J.P. is going to be fierce tonight. With the paroxysms of rage blasting from the lunatic fringe of JaysTalk callers, tonight's show is going to be like Black Hawk Down, only a little more intense.

Tune in.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that a horde of perturbed Somalis is going to tear him apart live on the air?

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I'm smiling, too.

JP deserves to stay. And Cito is practically a deity in this city. I pray to his picture every morning. And I'm def. looking forward to the JaysTalk tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm cool with JP staying. As much as I disliked him earlier on in his tenure, he's gotten better, and he's built a good team(as maddening as they are). He's also never boring. One more year to build on what he's got, I think. Then give it up to someone else.

Tao of Stieb said...

We've said somewhere on the blog before that J.P.'s reign over the team will ultimately be judged by the success of the 2007 draft.

Ricciardi made the decision to let a lot of marginal A-level free agents go, and took the picks.

If even three of those seven picks in the early rounds are high-level MLBers by 2011, then Ricciardi may have picked the future nucleus of a championship team.

Of course, he will have been run out of town by then.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

yeah, that's one reason i want him to stay, to see the fruits bear from his draftage.

and i really wanted us to get to 90 wins. how do you fire a GM of a team with 90 wins in the AL east. but those mother fucking fuckers the baltimore fucking orioles bitch slapped us yesterday. i want to make a list of all the no-name pitchers who have completely messed us up this year. i think it needs to be done.

The Ack said...

For whatever reason, I feel less comfortable facing the fucking Orioles with (fill in the blank just-promoted or just-barely-hanging-on pitcher) on the mound than I do facing Kazmir, or Beckett, or Pettitte, or whoever.

Oh, yeah JP. This isn't going to raise a shitstorm of asshat Jaystalk commentary or anything. Nahhhh.

MK Piatkowski said...

Let me guess - every no-name pitcher who has messed us up is a left-hander.

I'm glad JP's staying. People keep forgetting what a competitive division we're in. Some of his moves have been dumb, but name a long-term GM that hasn't made dumb moves. Someone was commentating on the Star article that he feels sick seeing Jason Bay in a Sox uniform. Does he even realize what the asking price was for him? I'm glad JP didn't sacrifice our future for that.

Let's see what happens in the offseason.

Darren Priest said...

Paul Godfrey was on Off The Record today (assuming it wasn't a re-run). He said something kind of funny as Warren Sawkiw (sp?) was calling for JP's head: "JP has a lot of detractors, but none in the right places."

So, I guess the bloggers can stop calling for his head. I still plan to bash his brains in if the Jays don't do something interesting during the hotstove season.

Tao of Stieb said...

Wow...Wednesdays with JP was positively genteel tonight.