Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yunel plays the game the Blue Jays way

So Alex Anthopoulos went off the radar and locked up Yunel for (potentially) the next four seasons at $5M per, huh? Did not see that coming, which means I probably should have.

The news is fresh off the wire as of this posting, so I haven't yet had time to fully wrap my mind around it..... but I don't think I'm going to overthink this one.

I like watching Yunel Escobar play baseball. Five million dollars per season for an all-star calibre player at a position like shortstop is not a lot of money (relatively speaking). So what's not to like?

I suppose there are going to be a lot of reasons put out there in the days (hours?) ahead. With any player, there are worries that with a big contract comes reduced motivation. Bobby Cox and The Braves Way disciples will probably overstate the significance of this factor when applied to Yunel (too flashy! He dogs it! No grit!).

Others will wonder if Yunel will hold up at short for the duration of the contract, and if he doesn't, well.... maybe $5M per doesn't look as good for a second baseman with average pop and speed. I don't know. But at two years guaranteed and two seasons at club option, does that even matter?

A few other points:

* What does the signing say about the Jays thoughts on the development of Adeiny Hechavarria and his potential as a long-term fit at the major league level? He's only 22, but a career minor league OPS in the low .600's isn't.... promising, let's say.

* ... or does it speak more to the club's thoughts on Aaron Hill, who has team options hanging in the balance?

* Par for the course with Anthopoulos, but the "out of nowhere" factor with this signing reinforces my belief that we could see a potentially significant shuffling of the deck as the season plays out and the deadline approaches.

And once again, I'll mention that I like watching Yunel Escobar play baseball. I grew up idolizing Tony Fernandez flash his glove and play shortstop with flair, and Yunel is most definitely not shy about making his swag known.

I'm sure many folks smarter than this guy will provide many defensible reasons as to why this is not a good deal for the Jays, but in the meantime, I'll just enjoy watching the guy play.


Navin V. said...

I like watching Yunel Escobar play baseball.

Me too.


mike in boston said...

how could anyone possibly object to this deal? it's a payroll friendly number, only two years guaranteed but you can retain the guy if he's outperforming, and gives the team flexibility in dealing with Hill, Hech, and Lawrie.

dogandabeer said...

I am fully behind this deal.

A 5-mil quality infielder leaves more room to up Johnny Mac's next offer! ;)

Somebody has to drive the bus on off-days...

Tom Lawless said...

Seems like a good deal for both parties

Anonymous said...

What's not to like? The $5 million/year is pretty much what Yunel would've gotten in arb anyways, maybe a little more. It's fair to say, Yunel would've been given an average of at least $4.5 million/year for 2012 and 2013. So really, what AA did was pay Yunel $1 million for the two club options. Considering how much value that gives to the contract as a whole, it is dirt cheap. You've got one of the better two way SS in the game at very reasonable prices, and if something happens, and we want to trade him, his contract is extremely tradeable, and would like attract a significant return package.

Anonymous said...

Like this extension. Like this blog, keep up the good work! It's like two people working together or something?

Andrew said...

It's tough to find something about the deal to dislike. Consider that it took $32.5 million to lock up Alexei Ramirez for four years, and I think AA did very well to lock up June-Yell for $20 million (or less if he regresses).

Drew said...

Anyone disagreeing with this deal is not a smart person. I really think it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

... and Encarnacion is getting $2.5M with a club option of $3.5M for next year (or a $0.5M buyout). How can anyone honestly argue with $5M for Escobar? This is a bargain!

The Ack said...

Lest you think I was going total strawman here, my thoughts on those who'd come out agianst the deal were based on Zaun's pregame comments (didn't like it) and with an eye towards an old KLaw opinion that perhaps Yunel wouldn't hold up.

Probably shouldn't be assuming as such though, a guy CAN change his opinion.

Also, Zaunie's logic was he'd rather get killed on the first year of arb before committing to the player. Um, ok?

Anonymous said...

Zaun seemed almost jealous yesterday, maybe he doesn't like anyone who makes more money than he did.

Anonymous said...

I like Yunel. Seems a little hot-headed but then again, so did George Bell and I loved George. didn't just compare Yunel to Tony did you?
Tony is a borderline HOF'er to anyone that got to watch him in his prime. Yunel...not so much.