Sunday, June 12, 2011

Timely disconnect

Sometimes those trivial moments in life, which on first appearance appear to be total day-wreckers, turn out to be the happiest of blessings.

Take today, for example. I woke up excited to watch the Jays-Red Sox matinee, because let's face it.... as much as we all hate the god-damned Red Sox, the games are fun to watch. Well, it just so happened that things came together where the assists I needed to turn my backyard into an oasis of fun and relaxation fell into place. OK, so I was building a shed (as an aside, there's a lot to be said for hiring people to do these things for me. I work in an office!).

Upon further review, turns out that was a good thing.

You see, if I had watched the game, I might be inclined to worry about whether Brandon Morrow was indeed on his way to becoming a rich man's AJ Burnett. Or if he was simply destined to become an underachieving arm with dynamite stuff but no results. AKA, AJ Burnett.

I also might have looked at a lineup including Molina, Nix, and McCoy and taken to The Twitter to vent my anger.

I might have - no, definitely would have - screamed curse words my kids probably shouldn't even hear for another 5 or 10 years watching Pedroia collect three hits and three ribbies.

I would have watched another powerless outing from JoBau and fretted over whether he was "only" going to hit 35 home runs versus the 45 I had penciled in.

I might have taken mild joy in McCoy's inning on the mound, but not enough to get over the rest of the bullpen nonsense.

A strong possibility exists I would have watched that drubbing, and started worrying about whether or not the franchise really was headed in the right direction, or if we were simply in the midst of another false start.

In other words.... I probably, for a few moments at least, would have turned into the exact type of fan that causes me to lose my shit. Over one game.

But instead of dealing with all of the above, I watched nary a highlight - boxscore only. So instead I'll believe it was bad luck, bloop singles, and bullshit calls. It's just easier that way.

Everything's cool. Can't wait for tomorrow's game!

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Deere5400 said...

I'm not worried about Morrow. His FIP is 2.55, is striking out 10.53/9, and his BABIP is higher than usual and his left on base per cent is a touch low.
So overall I'd say he's been better than some of his numbers look.