Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yu, Knee

Since when did this season turn into the Yunel Escobar show?

Within the space of 24 hours, he went 6-for-8 with four runs scored and a walk-off homer. Also, he got his grill really familiar with the knee of one of those LaRoche boys while performing one of the ugliest slides we've ever seen. And we played softball with drunken fat men.

Escobar's injury is concerning, given both what he's produced thus far in the season as well as the potential long-term impact of head injuries. He certainly looked like he was in significant discomfort when taking his position in the field for the next inning, but here's hoping that the long term effects are minimal.

Escobar will be out of the lineup for this afternoon's matchup, but we'd be hanging off of every dugout shot of him if only we could find a way to sneak out of the office to watch the game.

(And BTW MLB.TV, we would shell out the money today for your service if we could watch Jays games online instead of being blacked out from the Georgia Strait to the Northumberland Strait ot the Beaufort Sea.)

Lunchables: The always fun has yet to post the numbers for Travis Snider's first screaming line drive homer of the year, but we felt for the dude who had the ball rip through his grasp. Though his pals gave him grief for his inability to come up with the ball, he's not the first fan to flinch when a whistling laser from Snider's bat came their way.

Check out the prudently short arms that this fan in Cleveland (they exist!) developed when trying to make a barehanded grab on this 119.7 mph liner off Snider's bat last May. It was the fifth hardest hit homer in all of baseball last year, and if there is one skill or attribute above hustle and grit and heart and intagible leaderificness that we really appreciate, it's guys whe hit the ball hard like they've got a grudge against it.

Game Time! Today's the sort of day where being a working stiff outside of the GTA really sucks, because we'd really like to take some strategic consultations down to the Dome for three hours this afternoon.

RickRo versus that punk Trevor Cahill at 12:37. We'll be hanging off of every tweet for the rest of the afternoon.


Ty said...

Yunel has been an absolute star on both sides of the ball throughout the first week. Here's hoping for a quick recovery. Hearing that he's "day-to-day" and expected back next week brings back unpleasant memories of hearing the same thing about Aaron Hill back in '09, so hopefully this goes better than that did.

SP said...
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SP said...

You're right, Hill's was called mild too. I didn't remember that. Now I'm really worried.

Chad said...

Nice post!