Monday, March 15, 2010

The return of the Roto-Hoedown

You've demanded it, and we're happy to oblige.

(Okay, so it took us about a month to get off our ass and take the two minutes to set up the league on ESPN. These things happen. I'm only one man, in spite of all this "we" business.)

The 2010 edition of the Roto-Hoedown has been set up, and we eagerly await those of you who wish to take part. This season, we'll only be setting up the one league, because getting our ass kicked twice over was more than a little demoralizing.

Here's the lowdown on the Hoedown: We can take up to 20 teams, although we'll probably cut it off before that number. (UPDATE: Actually, we lied. It's 15 teams. So don't dilly-dally.)

It is, as the name suggests, roto scoring, and it is a 6 X 6 set up with the following categories :

Hitting - Home Runs, Runs Scored, RsBI, SLG, OBP, and Net Stolen Bases. (Yeah, you heard right.)

Pitching - Wins (groan, we know), Saves (double groan, but still), ERA, WHIP, Ks, and On Base Against Home Runs Allowed.

So there you have it. That's the league. The draft takes place online this coming Saturday, March 20 at high noon Eastern Time. If you're interested, and you can absolutely be there at that time to draft, then drop us a line (taoofstieb at gmail dot com, yo, or direct message us on the Twitter). Chances are that if we know you and like you, you jump the queue and get in right away. If we don't know you, then make your case in a compelling fashion, and we'll pull back the velvet rope and let you through.

We'll only be contacting the people that get in, so apologies in advance if you don't hear back. You're all still cool in our book, babies.


Peter D said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, I wish I could say I'd be available for sure, but the little guy on my shoulders tends to dictate my availability.

Just as a side, what's the rational behind including both WHIP and OBP against as pitching categories? Wouldn't SLG against provide a slight differentiation?

The Ack said...


I'd bitch about the categories, but let's be truthful here - I'm only picking guys I like anyway.

PS - Hechevarria!

Dustin McGowan's Sideburns said...

I think i'd like to participate for sure, but I also think i'd like to see the mug on the chick in the jean skirt sticking her ass out. Nice!

Tao of Stieb said...

Yeah, WHIP and OBP against are kind redundant, eh?

Might have to tweak that. Don't think they offer SLG against. Will find something else.

Tao of Stieb said...

Okay, switched OBP against to Home Runs Against.

Counting stats in tha mickeyfickin' house!!!1

stillJRM/theunderdogs said...

Feels good to be aboard this sinking ship.

Dustin McGowan's Sideburns said...


"Okay, switched OBP against to Home Runs Against"

... Ok, and I just moved Kevin Gregg to the last spot on my pre-rank list. lol

Dustin McGowan's Sideburns said...


Grab a paddle buddy!

SP said...

Tao, I sent my request.

How about K/BB instead of HR allowed, and AVG and OPS instead of SLG and OBP since it does favor power hitters.

Tao of Stieb said...

I hate batting average. It is a dumb stat.

Slugging favours dudes who hit the ball a long way and who can sometimes stretch singles into doubles and doubles into triples. On base favours guys who don't just go up hacking away like nimrods.

I like K/BB, but I thought that having Ks and WHIP made it redundant.

Plus, counting stats can be fun sometimes.

Dustin McGowan's Sideburns said...

ESPN should have a WAR category. That would be awesome.

Ian H. said...

I look forward to my 10th place finish.

neilshyminsky said...

We replaced W with QS in one of my leagues. QS isn't perfect, but it's a better indicator of when a pitcher has pitched well enough that he probably should win (average ERA in a QS - under 2.00), and eliminates his run-support from the equation. So if you have to go with a counting stat for starters, this is it.

Tao of Stieb said...

The thing that I kinda like about wins as a category is the fact that you can have relievers get vulture wins.

The very unfairness of it is what makes it infuriating and fun.

Capn said...

Is it an auction draft, or regular take-turns-picking-whatever-you-call-it draft?

Tony Toronto said...

Anyone know of any Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Leagues? Now the Official Fantasy game of the MLB?

Anonymous said...

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mudie said...

Hey Tony Toronto,

Have you played much Yahoo! fantasy sports? 'Cause if you've played a bit, ie. have a resume(so to speak) in the form of yer yahoo fantasy sport profile, I've got a spot open in a 4th year keeper league, and would like to ad another Jays fan to the league to balance out all the Americans/non Jays fans in the league.

email me at

Gavin said...

I also have a league to advertise. It is a single year 5x5 head-to-head league with an auction type draft. We have 7 guys right now and would like at least 8 for the league to go.
Because it is an auction draft you'd have to be committed to an evening for the draft.

email me at if you want in.

Mike said...

I could be convinced to join this league (just don't tell the wife) as long a it's a straight up draft.