Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let the Fake Games begin

They don't really count, or matter much. They produce goofy boxscores, and feature dudes running around willy-nilly in the outfield. They are overanalyzed, and make heroes out of guys like Simon Pond and Jason Lane.

In just about three hours from when we're typing this, the Spring Training Fake Games begin.
And even as we denigrate these games, and mock their worth, we know that we'll spend at least ten minutes out of our busy day today going over the results and parsing through the most microscopic of sample sizes.

There is something about this moment of the year that is positively sublime. It's like hearing the spine crack as you open a new book for the first time. Or like that moment when you pull the plastic off a new CD. Your mind races at the possibilities, and you can't wait to dig in and absorb every new moment, and every new thought and emotion that lies ahead. There's even something great about the feeling of trepidation that you might have leading into the season, with so many questions left to be answered, and so much uncertainty.

After a long winter and a long offseason, it's a moment like this that reawakens the soul of a baseball fan. Come what may in this truly transitional season for the Blue Jays, we're so happy to get things started. This is going to be fun.

Fake Games on TV! For reals!
Last night, we looked ahead on our interactive programming guide to see if, perchance, there may be a ball game on some time this week. What we weren't prepared for was just how many games will be on over the weekend. Between Sportsnet picking up the games from other team-owned networks (what a concept!), the Mets games on WPIX and the Cubs and White Sox games on WGN, there will be lots of opportunities to catch the start of the preseason.

Now, if only we could fluke our way into seeing a Jays game at some point...that would be cool.


Ian H. said...

I'm still trying to jump through hoops trying to get the audio for Friday's game, so good luck with the TV aspect.

Anonymous said...

First "fake" game of the year and I've already checked the box score four times!

Anonymous said...

You know, they've never really improved on the virtual baseball represented in the picture for this post.

Tao of Stieb said...

Lubanski is the savior! Woo!

MK Piatkowski said...

I had that Head to Head game and loved it. Thanks for the flashback!

andy mc said...

i still have the deluxe, "head to head world series edition", maybe i should break it out and play it sometime.

lubanski for 4th OF!

SP said...

"If he's gonna play every day, he's gonna have to face some lefties." - Cito on Snider's ugly strikeout against a lefty.

Did Clarence miss breakfast this morning?