Friday, January 22, 2010

The Blue Jays finally lock up Shawn Hill

We say that they "finally" signed him, because the Jays seem to put a lot of effort into signing this guy who has put forth such underwhelming results over his five year career (218.1 IPs over five seasons, and he's a starter). Isn't this the second or third time they've tried to sign him?

Hill's coming off Tommy John surgery in June, and has missed significant time over his career to injury. And while he's rebuffed the Jays' advances in the past, the good Canadian boy now sees fit to bring his broken down carcass back to top side of the border. Welcome back, son! The Timbits are over by the chesterfield!

If nothing else, at least we won't have to hear Bob Elliot breathlessly describe Hill's potential and his super-duper Canadianess. But on the down side, his presence on the team would necessitate Aaron adding a letter to the back of his jersey to distinguish between the Hill boys. And frankly, we'd rather just toss Shawn on the scrap heap rather than having our aesthetic sensibilities offended by an "A. Hill".

Friday Rock Out - LCD Soundsystem, "Tribulations"
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The Ack said...

"A. Hill" is just too close to A-Hole.

Yeah, I'm fucking tired right now to the point of complete exhaustion. Can ya tell?

KP said...

But then Shawn would be "S. Hill" and we could use him to drive up the price of Free Agents when the Sox and Yanks are in a bidding war.

Gil Fisher said...

I'm a fan of this move. But am not a fan of passing over Rick Ankiel at $3.5m.

The penny pinching shines through.

The Ack said...

What does Ankiel bring? A left handed hitting platoon outfielder who can mash right handed pitching? That's a need?

Ian H. said...

Finally, the Jays sign a Canadian eh!?

Anonymous said...

I've lost track. How many Jays pitchers have had Tommy John surgery?

el narcson said...

Spring training's going to be like the Indians in Major League. A bunch of hacks trying to make roster spots. Maybe ownership secretly wants to relocate to Miami! Suc les bleu! No worries though, in the end they'll all come together. We should sign Delgado to play the part of that voodoo guy cause he looks like him. "Hit fastball very good"

Tao of Stieb said...

Hey, you can't blame Shawn Hill's arm troubles on Brad Arnsberg.

InDrabekWeTrust said...

AA: "Our plan is in place boss."

Beeston: "Good work Alex. The AL East will never see us coming if all these destroyed arms pan out..."

AA: "Boss, can you pass the kool-aid?"

Beeston: "Sure, here you go."

AA: So... what happens if these guys all suck as much as they have thus far in their careers boss???"

Beeston: "ALL RIGHT! Pizza Pizza has arrived. Off with you..."

AA: "..."

Anonymous said...

"The Timbits are over by the chesterfield!"


Peter D said...

I was a pitcher and despite the fact that I started throwing curveballs at the age of 12 and was abused to the point where I actually started both games of a double header once, I'm pretty sure it's Brad Arnsberg's fault that I eventually hurt my arm.

InDrabekWeTrust said...

Im not even a PITCHER and it's Brad Arnsberg's that my arm hurts.

Gil Fisher said...

What does Ankiel bring?

Elite defense in right. Excellent buy low - sell high potential.

.364 and .360 wOBA offense in 2007 and 2008. Coupled with excellent defence in right, he's worth a hell a lot more than $3.5m. He struggled with two injuries last year. His decline in 2009 was a bit steep to chalk up to any sort of age related decline.

Anonymous said...

I blame Arnsberg for Ankiel's pitching woes. So yeah, let's sign him.

InDrabekWeTrust said...

@ Gil Fisher:

Has he had Tommy John surgery? If not, he doesn't meet the vision of the ballclub... apparently. lawlz

jerkstore said...

So who is the left handed righty hitting platoon mate for bautitsta right now? Jeremy reed?

If money saved this year is money available to be spent in the next few years i am fine with tanking. But if the jays don't spend above 100M$ in coming years this is all bullshit.

jerkstore said...

what do you think arnsberg hates more cito gaston or healthy arms?

Brian Tallet's Moustache said...

Cito Gaston's healthy arms.

Anonymous said...

So we're going to sign Ankiel in the hopes that we can win 72 games instead of 70?

Makes no sense...just play the kids.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Straigh ball, I hit it very much."

is the correct quote. Also, Cerano is the president on 24 and Clu Haywood used to pitch for the Jays. Bet not everyone knew that.

andy mc said...

vs LHP



vs RHP



Hopefully Hill can earn some walks. Hopefully, The Manager will be persuaded by AA (or SOMEBODY) to put Overbay at the top of the lineup vs RHP. Hopefully they see McCoy's value (can play almost every position, high OBP, fast as fuck). Hopefully they realize that Ruiz deserves a shot. Hopefully, they allow Snider to play every day.

Hope. It's all we have, Alex. Do right by us. Don't be stupid.

Anonymous said...

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