Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday quick-hitter: Links edition

Chasing down a few Blue Jay relevant links as we usher in the first working week of the New Year....

Personal fave Cathal Kelly brings it within this column profiling Alex Anthopoulos. Granted, Kelly could convince me that his cohort Griff would make an excellent GM with his writing, but in all seriousness, it's stories like these that have me believing the Jays are in good hands. The more I see and hear of Anthopoulos, the more I trust in what he's doing. Building, baby. Building.

Would the Jays really move Travis Snider? TSN's Daan (not a typo) De Kerpel would have you believe they might. It seems to me that this possibility has been kicked around and dismissed, but it's a scenario worth discussing, I guess.

While I'm vehemently against the idea, you'd have to think any deal would bring back an equivalent blue-chip prospect at a premium position for the team. Still, can't see it. I don't think De Kerpel is entirely off the mark, though - I do think AA longs to make one more major move, but I think it might involve dealing some of the young pitching the Jays have accumulated. It just makes too much sense.

Take a look at some of the names that could fill the rotation when Anthopoulos plans to roll out a competitive club: Marcum, Romero, Cecil, Morrow, Rzepczynski, Drabek, Jenkins, Mills, Ray....not to mention Litsch and McGowan, if they can get past injury issues.

And....there's the Chapman issue. I still think it's a longshot for the Jays....but you know that management has to have a plan in place if the scenario does come to fruition, right? The old saying goes that you can never have too much pitching, but it makes more sense for the Jays to capitalize by converting that surplus of arms into talent at positions otherwise lacking. Don't think AA is sleeping on this one....


dave said...

Most unintentionally hilarious comment I've ever read was made on that Snider article;

"anyone get the feeling they want to move this team??? Anyone see the movie Major League?!!" - Cornflake

So I ask, HAVE YOU?!

Anonymous said...

Don't think there is a chance that snider is dealt. Michael Taylor was acquired and dealt for Wallace not Snider. If AA really wants to move Snider, he could have dealt him to get Wallace instead and keep Taylor as the LF.

brainiac said...

Wow, how do you not like AA? Smart, intelligent and decent. I am a fan.