Monday, December 3, 2007

Well, that's novel!

The Blue Jays new road togs. Now including the actual colour blue! But still with black caps!

Official unveiling at 5:50 pm Eastern. More to come.

3 PM: Now that it's sinking in
Our guess about the new road unis was that they would integrate last year's scripted cap "T" onto the jersey. Now, we have a new font and another very square jersey "T" that doesn't match the cap "T" at all. Which is what you get when you do ad hoc uniform changes year after year to correct an ill-conceived rebrand.

Looking at the cap...if we really let our eyes go fuzzy, we can convince ourselves that it is a navy blue. What are the chances.

Again, more to come.

(And bienvenue UniWatchers!)

4:12 PM: And furthermore...
We see the script "T" caps are marked down steeply on the online JaysShop...but then again, so's everything else. But for those of you who purchased one (like commenter /a), take heart! It's instant retro! (Just like our graphite grey cap!)

Also, the new numerals on the front beg the question: will there be new numerals on the back? On both home and road? Or will there be a vertiable Enrico Fermi MixMaster Gumbo of Fonts across the Blue Jays' on-field wardrobe?

5:09: Whatever the uniforms look like...
...Ty Taubenheim ain't gonna be wearin' one.

We're realizing what ridiculous suckers we are for actually getting all riled up about this announcement. It's a sign of mental instability, we tells ya. And we'll think about that while we're glued to the screen, watching them unveil "something old, something new". (Gargh! We're even spewing their messaging!)

6:18: Whoomp! There it is!
The new road unis are a bit of a mish mash. More blue on the front, but still with the black cap. The nameplate on the back is the radially arched nameplate that we've seen for the last few years while the lettering on the front is vertically arched. (For those who don't yet get itTM, UniWatch has a great primer on this.) The nameplate font is curved, while the front of the jersey is blocky. The jersey "T" doesn't match the cap "T", meaning if they wear the T cap, this will be a real mess.

We do like the number on the front. Jeremy Accardo, who drew the short straw and had to model the new uni today, said that he likes the number on the front because now his parents will be able to find him on the field. Because, you know, it's tough to pick out the blond mullet on the mound in the ninth inning.

If nothing else: Powder blues!
Full press release (as if we haven't flacked enough for the Jays today) is right here.


/a said...

Uh oh. Is the 'T' alternate cap gone, too? Next time I'll just hold onto my $40 and flush it down the toilet myself.

Joanna said...

wow, Vdub looks thrilled. Can you feel the excitment!?!?!?!?

Tao of Stieb said...

"I am wearing this new uniform of my own free will and volition. No one has coerced me into wearing this, my 10th different uniform in eight years.


Vernon Wells"

/a said...

Wow, okay, I just listened to that press conference uni-unveil thing because my media player crapped out and gave me audio only. I believe that makes me the saddest individual on the planet. Nice to hear the Shaker, though.

Jason said...

The new-retro unis are now available on the online shop for the low, low price of... $199.99??? And that's on sale, too, apparently.

Drew said...

I'll go on the record saying I disliked both the T hats and the grey hats. More of the black. Actually stick to one hat. And no more damned black jerseys. Save that shit for spring training.

Darren Priest said...

I was disappointed to see the retro uniforms have a proper belt and not the sans-a-belt elastic waistband.

The Mad Hatter said...

Hey further uni news - MLB has come down with a rule that managers can now only wear full uniforms or a team jacket.

Guess we've finally seen the end of Gibby's God-awful grey smock.