Saturday, November 10, 2007

Random thoughts on a shakey video of Travis Snider

Someone's got their ReggieVision Handicam down at the Arizona Fall League, documenting the prospects with a cinematographic skill that can onle be described as "Zapruderesque" . Among them was this one of Travis Snider cranking out a double.

The Good: Didja hear the beautiful sound of the crack of the bat? Niiiiiice.

The Bad: Not that we want to ponder this for too long...but doesn't Snider's body look a bit "Hinske-esque"?

Snider is one of the few players in the AFL who hasn't played above the single-A level, and he's still ripping it up. In 21 games, he's rocking a 1.025 OPS with five doubles, four homers and 11 RsBI. (And a .342 AVG, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.)

He's still only 20 (which is a few years younger than most of the top prospect in 'zona), but his performance bodes well for a possible 2009 appearance with the Jays. (Maybe...)

Other Futuer Blue Jays in the AFL
  • Sergio Santos has 4 HRs and 14 RsBI along with an .823 OPS, and is playing a lot of third. In case the Jays should need new body at the hot corner sometime soon. Just sayin'.
  • David Purcey's got a wicked 1.59 ERA in five starts and 17 innings. He's struck out 17 and walked 8.
  • Ricky Romero's been pitching primarily in relief, and has a 4.22 ERA in 10-plus innings. He got off to a rocky start, but hasn't allowed a run in his last 7 innings of work, spanning four appearances.


Andrew said...

Lets just say he kinda looks (and runs) like Matt Stairs.

Jonathan said...

I'm pretty sure Snider is only 19.

His swing is way different but I think it would be a bonus if he ends up like either Stairs or Hinske defensively. They're both pretty versatile and not complete liabilities in the field for power hitters. As long as we don't butcher his career by starting him at 2b (Stairs) or sign him to an overly-expensive contract after a fluke rookie year...

Tao of Stieb said...

He throws lefty, so versatility in the field will likely never be his thing.

And you are correct, he is just 19.

Which is a little worrisome, because you have to imagine him getting a little bigger still...suddenly, Hinske-esque would look pretty good if he starts to look like Steve Balboni.

Joanna said...

A little Zaftig, perhaps. but the important question is will Travis remind me of Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys the way Hinske did (and still does).