Thursday, November 22, 2007

Revolving Door: It was nice knowing you, What's-Your-Name

You gotta feel for Cody Haerther. First, he gets put on waivers by the Cardinals, then he gets picked up by a team that can't spell his name.

Then he gets interviewed by Dave Rouleau, and says all the right things about being excited to be in Toronto. Meanwhile, the Jays are DFAing him to make room for David Purcey.

And when it all shakes out, he's right back in Saint Lou, praying for Chris Duncan or Rick Ankiel to trip down the stairs over the winter.

It was nice knowing you, Hather Hether Heathen Heater Hater Hatchling Haerther (if that is your real name).


Jonathan said...

"Just four days after acquiring him, Toronto designated Haerther for assignment Tuesday when it needed a spot on its 40-man roster for a newly acquired pitcher."

Errrr, yeah...Who knew we were going to acquire David "Not Terrible" Purcey in exchange for his identical twin?

Dave Rouleau said...

Hey guys,

I can't believe we lost him!

While he probably would not have developed into a superstar, his abilities at the plate were proven and he was still young (24).

The fact that we kept Houston, Machi and Thorpe on the 40-man roster makes it even worse......