Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Little Aaron Hill's all growed up

The Fresno Bee reports that Aaron Hill got married on November 10. And not to Russ Adams.

Hill married Elizabeth Kenfield in Monterrey, with seven members of the Blue Jays in attendance, including Vernon Wells and Troy Glaus. Just imagine how awkward it's gonna be in the locker room next year when the rest of the team gets to hear all of the stories about how great the wedding was, even though they weren't invited.

(And don't ask us why the Bee has included this in an article about kids washing their grubby little hands. We don't see the link either.)


Anonymous said...

i love russ adams!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Aaron Hill, although I was sorta hoping we would get married some day! lol I'll still cheer on my favourite Blue Jay! :)

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