Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hot Stove: Yowza!

We're back after a brief work-related foray to the vast wilds of our country. (We missed you too!)

And while we were away, the hot stove started to heat up.

Matt Stairs - Welcome back, but...
While we were pleased to see the Jays bring back Matt Stairs for next year on a sentimental level, we've got to say that we have some serious apprehensions about him for next year. Yes, Stairsy was completely off his ass this year at the dish, but what are the chances that he replicates last year's numbers? More over, does his signing block Adam Lind from getting ABs...or moreover, does it lock the Jays in at LF when that might be the best place for them to add a BIG bat in the off-season?

A.J. on the block...not on the block
We don't want to simply restate what the Drunk Jays Fans said yesterday on Burnett, so we won't. Well, not really. Except to say that we should expect to hear a lot of rumbling around Burnett's status from now right up until the trade deadline. If the Jays come out flat and are somewhat out of the race in July, we can see A.J. heading out of town. However, we wonder if it wouldn't make sense for the Jays to try an buy out his opt-out clause in this off-season.

It seems a little odd to think that a guy as fragile and frankly undependable as Burnett could use a couple of injury-riddled 10-8 seasons as a springboard to a big payday, but such is the demand for big nasty arms in MLB.

The Big Bat of our dreams
There will be no shortage of teams in the Miguel Cabrera sweepstakes, so we probably shouldn't even start twisting ourselves into feverish anticipation that the Jays could get him. Cabrera is young and can flat-out rake, and if the Jays were to get into the fray, Cabrera could be the franchise's cornerstone player for the next decade. (Sorry Vernon...we saw way too many pop ups to the infield this season to keep thinking of you that way.)

There are two significant roadblocks, of course. First, the Marlins seem to want to attach Dontrelle Willis to Cabrera's coattails. After a nice start to his career, D-Train has spent the last year and a half getting whacked around in one of the NL's most pitcher friendly parks. Put him in the AL in less spacious surroundings, and you can see where a problem may arise.

Secondly, there is still the matter of that tall slow guy who's making a mint to play third for the Jays...although he may not be around in the first 50 games.


Drew said...

I would be reluctant to give up the farm for Cabrera. Great as he is, he has a lot of miles already and is, well, fat. Beyond Manny fat. Troubling.

Tao of Stieb said...

We prefer to think of Cabrera as "jolly".

Joanna said...

jolly, and loves the nightlife. or as jeff blair once described josh beckett, "an active heterosexual".

And Manny isn't really that fat. Big, yes. He didn't get the fashion memo about tailoring.

Tao of Stieb said...

Yah Blairsy!

"Active heterosexual" may well be the third greatest Blair line ever (after the bit about St. Patrick's Day being amateur night for drinkers and the bit about how he reads the Tao of Stieb every day...those were classic.)

Darren Priest said...

Yay, hot stove. Maybe the Yankees will take our 3rd baseman, but more likely they will just get the one we want.

And I don't think Manny is fat either, but I am accustomed to be generous in my fat-or-not assessments.