Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today's Manure Pile - Pile On!

Hey folks. It's you anonymous blogging pal, the Tao. How's it goin'? We're okay. Well, mostly.

You know what's on our mind, and we're not even going to pay homage to that excretory fake investigative piece over on the Worldwide Leader's site. Except to say what we've been tweeting all day:

That it's shoddy.

That it's incomplete.

That it's shameful.

That it should never have been allowed to run.

That it provides no context.

That it uses four anonymous sources as its cornerstone.

That it cherry picks stats without showing the league-wide context.

That is plays to cynicism about any sports achievement, even as it demonstrates a complete lack of commitment to verify its own claims.

Amy K. Nelson know with whom she spoke to get this story. Which means she could probably precisely deduce the games to which her sources were referring. And she could (this being the Worldwide Leader, after all) find the video and sit down for a couple of hours and see if she could find even the blurriest, smudgiest, most fleeting image of the man to whom they refer.

(Hey, Outside the Lines found a blurry shot of an NHL official grabbing the Stanley Cup winning puck from the net. This isn't unprecedented work.)

That picture would probably go a long way to making her story seem less like the unfiltered accusations of a few MLBers with an axe to grind and an overly developed competitive streak. Without anything further, you have precisely what she copped to in the final paragraph of the piece.

As we tweeted in our initial reaction to the piece: "If your investigative piece ends with: "The evidence is circumstantial", then you haven't finished your investigation."


There's few things in this world finer than Dustin Parkes in a lather. I owe you a tasty beverage, sir.

Also, Jays blogger James Fireman (who alerted me to the story first) has what will probably be an unpopular take for Jays fans, but I respect his setting his allegiances aside to examine it.


Amy K. Nelson said...

Says the anonymous blogger who writes in the third person. Bravo.

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

And the lady comes out swinging.

Rachel S. said...

Maybe the Jays should be flattered that anyone perceives them as enough of a threat to accuse them of cheating. This whole stupid thing started when we actually managed to beat the Yankees back in July.

Tao of Stieb said...

Yes, I am anonymous. I embrace it.

Also, ask me anything. I'm a great source.

MRB said...

Farrell commenting on Lawrie in today's G & M:

“He has a knack for the flair,” manager John Farrell said, in a delightful and deadly twist of wording. “He reminds me a little bit of Dustin Pedroia (of the Boston Red Sox), in that he’s hard-nosed. You want to be careful, because that’s a rookie of the year and MVP you’re talking about. But with the type of energy you get … you get the same feel when he’s in the field.

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