Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blue Jays Twitter Power Rankings - Second Half Edition!

It's been a while since we sorted the social media output of the fellas on the Jays' active roster, so we figured it was about time to reassess and re-rank the lot of them. Who's had a late season surge, and who's lapsed into late season doldrums? And more importantly: Who doesn't love Power Rankings? Noooo-body!

(Wow. Lastman's Bad Boy reference just fell out of nowhere there. I need coffee.)

1. J.P. Arencibia () - Followers: 40,017; Last Rank: 1
All hail the Jays' King of the Thumbs! Hangs onto the top spot through a combination of persistence (1,571 total tweets), and newsworthiness (his tweets provided go to quotes in the midst of the sign stealing story.) Creator of new and amusing hashtags (,, .) Provides frequent Family Feud and CMT Mornings updates. Authoritative source on all that is .

2. Brandon Morrow () - Followers: 23,339; Last Rank: 2
Made valiant run at the top spot with post-start tweet jamboree last night. Apologized to player he beaned in the game. Seems quietly funny. ("Jersey Shore time with ...the fist pumping should help me get loose for tomorrow!") Squints-tribute ringleader. Only Blue Jay currently following yours truly.

3. Ricky Romero () - Followers: 42,243; Last Rank: 4
Earnest tweeter. If there were an emoticon for towel-waving-rah-rah-let's-go-boys! (and there should be), he'd use it often. Frequent straight man to Arencibia's monkeyshines. Far too generous with shout-outs and RTs.

4. Mark Teahen () - Followers: 15,480; Last Rank: Unranked
New Jay now leads the team in career tweets with 1,810. Active and funny. ("Baseball from a ballgame is a souvenir forever but so are the shame & embarrassment that come with sprinting tackling & diving 2 retrieve it.") Answers a fair number of tweeted questions, and asks for local advice from followers. Set up account for his dog, but stole it back for himself. Vaguely Canadian.

5. José Bautista () - Followers: 113,265; Last Rank: 5
Bilingual tweeter. Has taken up the food-obsessed #FEASTMODE slack from the demoted Lunchbox. Good source for Jays travel news. Ringleader. Cajoled other Jays into the Twitterverse. Unremittingly positive. Él no necesita un hombre con una camisa blanca.

6. Brett Lawrie () - Followers: 31,994; Last Rank: 7
Wooo! Lots of emphatic exclamation! As pumped on his mobile device as he is in the dugout. Lots of strong high-fives for teammates. Presumably spikes his phone after particularly awesome tweet. Awful grammar and spelling.

7. Jesse Litsch () - Followers: 19,627; Last Rank: 8
Strong Twitter showing, though emo fits threatening to quit downgrade him at least one slot. Generally, leans towards the inspirational. Still has the problem with the run-on sentences sometimes never place for commas or a second sentence too much to say alright lets do this!

8. José Molina (@) - Followers: 7,566; Last Rank: Unranked
Probably much better than we realize, but is primarily in Spanish. Google Translate doesn't seem to do it justice. Loves his brother. A Twitter account to watch in the coming months.

9. Edwin Encarnacion () - Followers: 7,168; Last Rank: Unranked
Just getting started. Account is as quiet and reserved as the man himself.

Deactivated List - Brett Cecil: Sadly, Squints isn't sharing his thoughts anymore. Something about a virus.

In the Minors - Travis Snider (@): Will jump back towards the top of the list when he returns in September. Still enjoying meats.

On the Rise - Many Jays minor leaguers are frequent tweeters, and worth a follow, if only to realize how long their bus rides are. They include: Deck McGuire (), Chad Jenkins (@), Justin Jackson (@), Daniel Norris (@), Mike McDade (@), and Drew Hutchinson (), just to name a few.


...................................................................... said...

Love this.

Matt Vee said...

Thanks, Tao. I had to stop following @RickyRo24 because of his incessant retweeting.

rwag said...

Jake_Anderson22, seems to have his head on straight. Nice and engaging guy. Will talk baseball and critique his own game.

Capn said...

I will always enjoy the good-natured ribbing of Litsch's horrible grammar.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome survey, I love your post.

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GB said...

Another Jays prospect, Jake Marisnick, is also on Twitter. Not as frequent a tweeter as some of the others on your list, but good for a couple a month.!/jakemarisnick

Sergei Puckizin said...

"Squints on the bump" is reason enough to love John Paul, and baseball in general.