Saturday, July 23, 2011

Miscellaneous on a Saturday Night

But first, an apology of sorts
Let's just get this out of the way. I've been a bad blogger for the better part of the season. I know it, you know it, let's not pretend otherwise. One post weekends have become the norm rather than the exception.

It's not from a lack of interest from me - far from it. This team seems to be so close (yet so far) from contending that it's exhilarating watching the pieces slowly fall into place, following along in the game of AA Ninja.

It's just about time, man. Busy work schedule, occasional travel, two kids, summer holidays..... so cliche yet so unavoidable. So there you go. It's not you, it's me.

Trade deadline - chips?
Old Dutch plain ripple and a tub of dill pickle dip FTW.

No but seriously.... with lots of periphery chatter about how hard Anthopoulos is working the phones (big surprise), could something actually be, y'know, up?

Generally with AA, where there's smoke there isn't fire, and the big moves come out of the blue. Thing is, with all the reports of the Jays working the phones.... they aren't actually tied to anything big. So are they?

Yes, of course I'm just stirring the pot and playing the proverbial devil's advocate here. But it's fun so what the fuck, right? If the Jays were to do something "big", who's in play?

How about Travis d'Arnaud? I know, I know, and I know. But hear me out first....

I'm just as protective of future studliness as the next guy.... but if the team plans on contending within the next few seasons, and it's generally accepted that even the studliest of catching studs playing AA ball won't be impact players at the major league level for a few seasons beyond that, isn't he then a prime chip?

And does anyone really believe that JP Arencibia is really a .217 hitter? Isn't it reasonable to assume he can at least be a .250 player (yes, I know. Batting average hahahaha) with 25-HR power & passable defence? And isn't that pretty close to all-star production at the position?

I'm just saying, a top-20 prospect at a premium position could bring back a pretty big return at a position of weakness. Whatever that may be....

The end of summer (of Jo-Jo)
Kind of says it all that the news is buried this far down in the post. And doesn't warrant more than two sentences.

So what are the missing pieces?
The d'Arnaud bit above got me thinking.... just what exactly are the holes in the Blue Jay roster that need to be filled for this team to take a legitimate run in the next few seasons?

We can reasonably assume that AA's phone calls do not revolve around acquiring a catcher, first baseman, shortstop, third baseman (the job is Lawrie's), or right fielder.

Center fielder can't be seen as a priority given what's on the roster and coming up (Gose)... unless Colby Rasmus is indeed "in play". And you would think that left field is kinda sorta maybe reserved for one of Snider or Thames, at least in the near-term.

So what does that leave? Another big arm in the rotation? Are Aaron Hill's days numbered? A stealth upgrade at a position covered above? More "future pieces"?

In reality, this is all an exercise in futility. Trying to get in the head of Alex Anthopoulos? Forget it.

On Kevin Slowey and Heath Bell
Is Slowey really much more than a refined Jesse Litsch? And are we really still pursuing relievers for comp pick purposes?

On Brett Lawrie
8 for his last 15 Vegas at-bats. Bring him up before he gets hit again.

On Roberto Alomar and Pat Gillick
They are Hall of Famers. And I will be watching tomorrow and remembering '92 and '93.

Holy shit, those were good times.


jerkstore said...

very much agree that d'arnaud should be n play. I think you take the guy who seems like he can produce at the big league level. Then turn the AA prospect into an ace starter or quality center fielder. At the very least you examine the possibilities.

Prospects are not the goal.

knsgee said...

I seem to remember that AA has expressed that he never wants to be wanting for two positions....SS and catcher so I doubt any moves with regard to d'arnaud, Surely if something is in the mill it would be an attempt to acquire a first class, bonafide closer!!

Anonymous said...

So glad the summer of Jo-Jo is over. It was worse than the summer of Tallet.

R.A. Wagman said...

I could actually get behind a deal involving d'Arnaud. Arencibia has really impressed me, batting average be damned. Also, the Jays are absolutely stacked with catching prospects. Behind d'Arnaud, there are A.J. Jimenez (who hits for average, has speed - not just catcher speed(!) and has earned a reputation as a base-runner murderer), Carlos Perez and Santiago Nessy. And really deep, there's a kid in the DSL who's really turning it on, named Kervin Santiago.
A lot of people really like Carlos Perez and he could earn a big haul, too.

plain_g said...

hill and d'arnaud for han-ram and ricky nolasco...?

Anonymous said...

Rather than position players I'd love a lights out "closer"-type for late high-leverage situations. High SO/9, low BB/9, high GB%. Based on this year anyway, even getting Brandon League back would be an improvement. He has been mentioned as trade bait but I'm not certain that's actually probable.

Angry Birds christmas said...

Prospects are not the goal. :d

The Blue Jays Luddite said...

I disagree re: trading Travis D'Arnaud. AA has made it obvious that his game plan is to invest heavily in the Jays farm system. It's too early for them to start trading away minor league prospects for short term success. Also folks are projecting D'Arnaud to be the better catcher out of the two. In my mind whoever can play better defense is the one to keep and I suspect that it's not Arencibia...