Sunday, March 6, 2011

They're back, I'm back, let's all come back

Funny thing happened on the path towards following every bit of the excruciating minutiae of this 2011 Spring Training:

I haven't been.

See, sometimes life has a way of tossing a curveball at a guy every now and then (and what would my first post in over a month be without a hacktastic baseball pun, am I right?), and so I find myself seemingly on the periphery of the coverage.

Bautista's big contract, Brett Lawrie's major-league readiness, the battle for the 4th and 5th spots in the rotation, the development of Gose-Hechavarria et al..... I know all the basic plots but am probably lacking on the intricacies of each discussion.

Do I have opinions on each? Sure I do. Are they (even more) unfounded and unsupported (than usual)? Oh, probably.

But here I am once again, by the grace of Tao who allows me to entertain myself (and hopefully, at least some of you) around these parts. I have to say I'm looking forward to diving back in, starting with Sunday's televised exhibition game. Boo-ya indeed.

Holy shit - it's baseball season my friends.


Chad said...

Welcome back, Ack. Don't know the details behind your absence, but I understand it had something to do with a sick child. I hope it all turned out for the best.

Gil Fisher said...

Likewise for me, Ack. And if you're feeling at all like tipping back a frosty one on opening day at 4Play or elsewhere, it's on me!

Navin V. said...

Welcome back, Ack. Hope all's well. We've certainly missed you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Ack. Hope all is well (or becoming well) on the home front. I've had some kid 's health related scares too...they suck.

On today's game, watched all 9 innings with my 7 year old and it was beautiful. Trying to keep the Lawrie maple boner from shooting off to early.

The Ack said...

Thanks for the kind words, all. Yeah, it's been a tough stretch. Came about as close as I care to think about with my baby boy, but he's home now and recovered/ing.... almost back to his old self. Add in a week long stomach flu with BOTH kids....and yeah. Ugh.

Just the intro on SN for today's game left me lightheaded.

.... and can we just forgo the inevitable and give Stewart the 5th rotation spot right out of spring? Wow.

It Ain't So said...

Some more thoughts on the Jays Spring Training and being back (Finally!) on television.

Daliberal said...

Yay back on TV, boo matching tshirts.

Mylegacy said...

A lighter note on sick babies - many years ago my sister phoned me screaming that Mark her 8 week old, 1st born, son was very sick and TOLD me to get there now!

When I got there a few minutes later I almost had a fit - there was her husbands car, an ambulance, a police car, a fire truck and then me...not to mention several concerned and curious neighbours standing around.

Everything turned OK - after a small operation - it turns out he had "pyloric stenousis" (I have NO IDEA on the spelling - or what that actually is) and had been "projectile vomiting" almost across his bedroom. No wonder she got freaked and called the cavalry.

I hope you little one gets and STAYS better! baseball may be EVERYTHING - but really - there are a few other things worth having as well, n'est pas?