Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too long. Too much. So what?

Earlier in the week, we quipped in tweets (ouch) that we'd lose our minds if the Jays were to offer José Bautista something to sign that committed them to pay him for longer than four years.

Before we start fretting over the salary flexibility in the 2015 season, we'll wait until later this afternoon to see how much of the rumoured five-year, $65 million contract is guaranteed. And to see whether Alex Anthopoulos has worked some magic that gives him far more control over this situation.

Ultimately, we're happy to know that Bautista is coming back, and that he'll be the face of the franchise for the next few years. (Yes, he will.) And we're doubly happy about the notion that his preferred position is suddenly third as opposed to right field. We're also filling our head with mammoth shots into the upper tank just to bring the sunshine back into our cold heart.

Still, we can't help but think of the elation throughout Blue Jay Land a few weeks ago when they off-loaded a big money deal that wasn't paying sufficient dividends.

More later, as more is known...

Update - From the presser
Deal is as reported: Five years and $65 million. Breaks down as $8 million, then $14 million over next four years. Frankly, I probably would have liked to flip that.

Uggla's deal was a barometer.

The deal is based on what they think of Bautista as a person.

Sweet jiminy jillickers...we love The New Manager. John Farrell has a "why am I here" look. Then takes a question and sounds like a frickin' awesome sage cowboy genius business executive.

And then, the press conference is over, with Jay Stenhouse's clever mention that single game tickets go on sale tomorrow. BUY BUY BUY!

A final blogged reaction for today
I don't hate this signing. I worry about the last three years on the deal, but that's just my nature. I'm a worrier. In the short term, I'm really happy to have a guy who may well be a premium offensive talent with some positional flexibility on the roster. The bilingualism is an asset as well on a team that has begun to bring more young Latin talent into the fold. Having your clubhouse leader be a guy who can address the entire clubhouse is a good thing.

We'll try not to poop all over this, even if we don't like the fifth season. The money seems as though it might be fair, and not so much of an albatross that the Jays will be unable to eat it if JoBau regresses.


Robert said...

Too long. Too much, SO what? Two words...Vernon Wells...

Torgen said...

The only thing Vernon Wells was stopping the Jays from doing was being the Marlins.

Gil Fisher said...

Couldn't we have had Beltre for 5/$65m?

Wouldn't we better off with Beltre and a boatload of deadline prospects than Jose?

I agree, this isn't far off what I thought was stomachable/reasonable, so maybe i shouldn't be fussed. But high level, somethings amiss.

Gil Fisher said...

It's funny that Uggla was a barometer. Nobody's had more consistent stats than Uggla over the past four years.

I get that they probably mean his level of production was seen as a probable level for Jobau.

I think this is all very interesting. But in the end, the deal wasn't - it was very straightforward. Almost anticlimatic.

Moving on - when do Grapefruit League games start? Do they still call it the Grapefruit League?

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

A fair take re your post. It's probably one year too much. But I think Bautista is going to keep getting better as a hitter and I love the walks. He'll earn the pay.

Greg W said...

I'm sorry, we couldn't afford Alex Rios, but now we get Bautista?

Fangraphs says hmmmmm.

I'm hoping this means he play third base every day, at least until his knees give out.

Peter DeMarco said...

I personally would prefer Bautista over Uggla and Beltre, so this must be a good deal right?

As for the other contracts (Wells and Rios), I don't think it was about whether the team could afford those contracts, it was more about whether they were good contracts and worth the money, which it seemed pretty obvious that they weren't.

Bautista may end up not being worth the money either, but at this point it's worth the gamble to sign him.

PdcD said...

Is it me or could John Farrell do a spot on imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger? He looks just like him...if he can do the accent that would be a riot.