Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Tweet Bag - Your Pertinent Questions, Impertinently Answered

Let's git it on!

Unleash the ! He asks: keep one, demote one, release one - mastro, podsednik, Patterson.

Keep: Patterson. Because he's a better than decent defender and his value isn't completely tied up in his speed. Demote: Mastro. Because maybe he's the next Reed Johnson, and you can get two years of marginally above replacement value from him. But not now, Murray. Not now. Release: Podsednik. Because we doubt he'd allow himself to be sent to Vegas. So let him walk.

Ottawa sources say that would ask: Who's 1st Jay 2 break camp & get released/sent down? Why does Dunn's put that batter on fries when everyone else stopped by '03?

Usually, there would be an extraneous reliever or dodgy fifth starter who'd get their walking papers before they start to play outdoor baseball at Rogers Centre. But given the depth of the bullpen and the relative strength of the rotation this season, we figure that it will be a position player. And likely whichever of the slap-hitting bench outfielders makes the trip north won't be here for the full season.

As for the fries, you must be talking about the Dunn's on Queen at Bank. Because on Elgin, the fries are actually not bad. Dripping with grease to the point where they are a little too dark.


Gentleman and scholar asks: There's noway Stewart makes rotation over Litsch, Rzep or Drabke right?

Wrong. There's always a chance. Though once you add options and starting his clock into the equation, you're probably right. Considering that the Jays sent Cecil to Vegas for a few weeks at the start of last season while keeping veteran Dana Eveland, we'd imagine that Litsch and Rzep will at least get their chance to show what they've got through April. And don't go sleeping on Jo-Jo Reyes, neither.

Frequent commenter asks: Where is Jobau more valuable, third or right field and why? Where is he the better fielder?

He's clearly more valuable to this team as it is constructed today at third, because the alternatives are not entirely enticing. But even in a vacuum, we think we'd much rather see him at third. Fans have a notion because of his strong arm and the occasional outfield assist that he's an asset in right, but his -8.3 UZR/150 begs to differ. (Mind you, his -10.4 at third isn't making our case for us either, is it?) Were the Jays to find a solution at third that makes sense, and find enough at bats for Travis Snider, we could be talked into JoBau back in right. Now if you'll excuse us, this fence that we're sitting on is crushing our nuts.

BMX wizard queries: Richard Griff in his Q&A yesrterday said Lawrie could be up with Jays by May. This sounds way too early no?

We'll cut Griff a little slack here, because we haven't seen Lawrie swing a bat. And if we did, maybe we would find ourselves short of breath and ready to crown him as the corner infielder of the future. (True story: When we first saw Randall Simon in AAA, we thought he was going to be a legend. Sometimes, hearing the crack of the bat will mess with your head after a long winter.) May certainly sounds early, but remember that Griffin is in the Hyperbole Business. (AND! BUSINESS! IS!...meh, it's okay.)

Which is to say: May seems a bit early, but don't be entirely surprised to see him here by year's end.

Hey look! asks: chances of a Rasmus trade for some pitching to StL?

More true stories: Our version of the Jays in our latest run at MLB 2010 The Show has an outfield of Snider, Rasmus and Jay Bruce. So if stocky left-handed white-boy outfielders is a type, then we probably have one.

But the question remains as to which pitcher the Jays would have to send the other way, and we're not entirely sure that we'd want to part with Cecil, Drabek or Stewart to bring Rasmus back. Certainly, the Jays have depth at starting pitching, but get beyond those assets, and you're suddenly talking about Scott Richmond and an injured Dustin McGowan contributing this year. And we can't imagine anyone wants to look forward towards seeing that.

Mindreader passes this along: I want Richmond and McGowan pitching like yesterday.... any chance we get to see them play this season?


McGowan's status is the most interesting, as the Jays (from what we understand, and please correct us if we're wrong) are out of options for him, and would have to place him on waivers if he's "healthy" and they want to send him down. We'd like to see if they can make something of him, because the talent is there if the body is willing. (And let Dusty Lambchops serve as an omen for those of you visualizing nothing but tremendous ascents towards Cy Young territory for Drabek, Stewart or whomever comes next. Stuff happens.)

As for Richmond, we wouldn't write him off, but let's not place an awful lot of stock in him being much more than a guy who can eat some innings if bad things happen to better starters.

Quickly! : what are the odds that if Stewart has a better spring than Drabek, he makes the team?

20%. Still think that they'll let him face AAA batters until it gets ungodly hot down there.

: what year are we going to make the playoffs?

Well, if you and I get into the right bowling tournament, we can make the playoffs this evening. (Pin Pals!) As for the Jays? We've got a feeling that it is soon (2012), and not an isolated appearance.

: 2011 Blue Jays MVP?

JoBau. Because a 40 homer, 100 RBI, .875 OPS season is still pretty awesome.

That's it! We're done...though we'll likely check back in through the weekend. Feel free to tell us how full of shit we are through the comments, because we feed of those interactions.

And also, tell us if we should go ahead and drop the "we" shit already, as an anonymous commenter noted yesterday. We know it's cloying, but it's a habit. And some people actually claim to like it. (But maybe they were being polite...and we don't expect as much from you.)

Rock on!


PdcD said...

Tao - its BMX "aficiando".

I don't think we see Lawrie up with the big club on a fulltime basis until next year at the earliest. More like 2013. But who knows this kid might surprise us all.

How many more "tweet bag" pictures do you have left to use?

Gil Fisher said...

I'm of two minds on Stewart.

1) He's not stretched out to start yet. I think he's only at about 130 innings. So why start his "clock" until he's able to help you for a full season (2012).

2) Fuck the clock. He's 24 going on 25 and will be 30 before he sniffs FA. That's old enough to not worry about the clock.

Anonymous said...

"This fence we're sitting on is crushing our nuts" - Priceless!

Salty Cod said...

Man Stewart has been getting a lot of good press lately, kind of exciting...When I read the tweet about Lawrie's great play at third yesterday I had him at playing everyday this year (can't wait until he gets a hit, then lookout), mind you I’m the same guy who had Randy Ruiz pegged for our everyday DH last year...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anonymous. Fuck "we."

Colin said...

I like the 'we'

Anonymous said...

anonymous and anonymous are right - fuck "we".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous & anonymous are wrong. This anonymous says stick with the "we.". It's your thang...

Tao of Stieb said...

Well fuck me. If there is no consensus amongst the anonymous caucus, I'm gonna have to keep the "we".

Anonymous must be unanimous.

Anonymous said...

Oh for fuck's sake! Down with "we." It had a good run.

G Man said...

I like it.

Gil Fisher said...

Get rid of the queen, then focus on the royal we.

Chad said...

I like we. Anonymous votes don't count. My vote counts double. Motion carried.

Tao of Stieb said...

Truth be told, I've been sick of the "we" for two years, but every time I go to excise it, people tell me I shouldn't.

I'm quite malleable that way.

mathesond said...

If 'We' was good enough for Will Leitch, it should be good enough for you

Chad said...

You keep using it or I will break off both your big toes and bugger you with them.

(You have to know who this is now.)

Anonymous said...

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