Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Like a groin kick that we really didn't need

We're not asking you to feel sorry for us for being Toronto Blue Jays fans. It's something that we choose of our own volition, and on most days, we're happy to have found that little nugget of bittersweet happiness to keep our minds occupied.

But goddamn it, this sucks.

The return of Roy Halladay was one of those little moments to which Jays fans could look forward. It was going to be an opportunity to rise to our feet and salute the outstanding contribution of quite possibly the Greatest Jay, both in person at the stadium as well as in our hearts and minds. It surely would have been a moment that would have resonated with Jays fans for years to come, and may well have helped us all close the door and move on to the future of the franchise.

But now, we have the announcement that, due to security concerns around the G-20 meeting in Toronto, the Jays and MLB have agreed to move the Phillies series to the City of Battery Chucks. Talk about adding insult to injury. This feels like a kick to the groin, followed by a purple nurple, followed by a taunt of "that didn't hurt", followed by a wedgie.

And somehow, after all of that, we're supposed to wear our Blue Jays fandom with pride.

In the grown up world, where the decision to move these games was made, this is absolutely the most logical and rational solution to a series of problems. And you can feel free to debate amongst yourselves who caused those problems, but we're not sure how productive that discussion is.

What may be a more productive discussion is this: What does this team have to do to make good to its fans? Maybe they could have rationalized the player moves, or the ticket prices, or keeping the roof closed or having little or nothing in terms of promotions this season. And maybe they can make a very reasonable case that the insult of moving this, likely the most important series of the year, is beyond their control.

They could do that, and appeal to our more rational side. But being a fan isn't a rational thing.

Assuaging the hurt feelings and disappointment that is going to come from this decision has to be a priority for the team's brain trust, or they risk losing the fan base even more than they already have. It's going to take more than bland assurances from Paul Beeston and aspirational declarations from Alex Anthopoulos to make it feel all better.

While we don't want to totally lose our shit over this, there's a nagging little voice in our head telling us that this is a crucible, and the spot where some of the casual fans drop off permanently. And the thing is that it is far easier to retain the fans you have than to go out and find new ones.


MC1 said...

What really bothers me the most, is the apparent request that we play Philly in interleague play next season too.

Great idea, let's make sure we play a few more games against ANOTHER one of the top teams in baseball as if our unbalanced schedule was tough enough.

Let the Rays, Red Sox or Yankees play the Marlins or Nats - we'll take 3 more against the Phillies.

The Ack said...

The whole scene is fucked, man. The decision makes little sense to me (didn't even puruse neutral site?), and even more unsettling is Beeston's apparent "Big fucking deal" attitude about the whole thing.

"We did it for the fans." What the fuck? In what universe does that make sense?

For a guy who made sure he told everyone who'd listen that his goal was to win back the fans, this latest missive from Beeston fucking reeks. I've read over the press conference transcript a few times....and his rationale (or lack thereof) make less sense each time.

Really, for me, it's not even about the decision. It's how they got there and Beeston's ridiculously casual hand-wave effort to talk it away. It's insulting.

RFS said...

Hey, c'mon guys. They're gonna use the DH and let the Jays be the "home" team. If that's not for the Toronot fans, I don't know what is.

MC1 said...

This decision reeks of Rogers with Beeston (secretly disappointed) towing the party line.

It doesn't seem like a baseball decision, solely a (poor) business decision.

How can the rest of the NL teams be on-board with this decision too? Surely an extra 3 games at home is an unfair advantage in the wildcard race, despite the AL rules and attendance of "ACE".

Attendance be damned, Detroit or Cleveland were the only reasonable and rational options in my mind.

GCM1979 said...

This is the biggest let down of the season for the Jays. That being said, I am still high tailing my ass down to the city of brotherly love to check this one out.

btw, with yesterday's rainout, Halladay's projected start will be on the Saturday now.

stillJRM said...

Does anyone know if they are providing transportation to the game? That's the only way to save face in my eyes.. a free bus ride for anyone with a passport who wants to support the "home" team.

sarah said...

I don't really have any room for rationale on this one (though apparently neither does Paul Beeston), I'm just really, really sad and angry. The "we did it for the fans" bit just infuriates me, like I'm going to be less bent out of shape if it takes longer to get to the SkyDome than I would be upon hearing that the series isn't even fucking here.

Having said that, I will be in Philadelphia that weekend. Don't tase me, bros.

robbgel said...

If the Jays are supposedly "Canada's team", then couldn't the game have been moved somewhere north of the border. Why not have three games in Ottawa, Montreal, or out west in Vancouver, or Calgary. There are baseball fans in other parts of the country, and I think they would be thrilled to see a game.

Your mom said...

You kids seem sad. Who wants Pogos?

Tao of Stieb said...

Pogos, please.


Torgen said...

If you attribute getting stuck with Vegas for our AAA team with last year's leadership vacuum, moving the game to Buffalo could have helped convince them to be our AAA team for the next two years.

Matt_CC said...

I am hoping to get down to philly, it will seem like more of a home game with more blue in the stands. Hopefully I can see a drunken Philly retard burn out his engine in the parking lot while he is passed out in the driver seat.

MK Piatkowski said...

I'm hearing the Ottawa, Montreal and Buffalo suggestions but it makes no sense. The Big O is a complete mess and is in no way prepared to host baseball again. Ottawa and Buffalo hold less than 20,000 and most weekend series have been drawing more than that. I don't think Vancouver or Calgary has a place that would suit either.

As for trying to have it at the dome, that would be insane. My brother lives in the condos just south of the dome and he's getting out of town because of all the security bullshit he's been told he'll have to do. Union Station's going to be shut down, the Gardiner's shut down. Front Street shut down. John and Peter/Blue Jays Way streets shut down. Do you have any idea how long it would take to navigate that?

I will call bullshit on it being in Philly though. I understand the reasoning. I just don't like it.

It doesn't seem like much is being done to accommodate Jays fans. What about people who made travel plans to come down for this series? Are they going to be reimbursed for the outlay they've already made? And what about the people who want to travel to Philly for it? Will the Jays help with accommodations, flights and tickets? They should. You're right. This is a nexus.

It's breaking my heart we can't give Doc the homecoming he deserves. Did you know the city wanted it at the CNE grounds where it would be less disruptive (and the FC would have the headache) but the Feds said no, they wanted the convention centre? Remember that when the next election comes around.

Anonymous said...

I had a buddy coming in from Saskatchewan for these games. We had this weekend planned since last year!! F@&cking G20!!
Guess it's gonna be a Mississauga Twins game & the Scorpions / Cinderella show.....& getting ripped watching Doc kick our ass!

Leaker19 said...

Not gonna be popular, but I'm in the don't give a shit camp.

I don't think Halladay's return is bigger than any other game on the schedule. Any game in the A.L. East is more important than any dumbshit inter-league game.

I enjoyed Halladay as a Jay, but now he's just some other guy on the Phillies. Thanks for the memories Roy, but if you wanted my continued adoration, you wouldn't have started pussy aching to go join a "contender." My guys wear blue, black and gray and they're the ones I pay to see. I know, I know we got a shit ton of talent back, but none if it is on the field yet and the Jays are surprisingly competitive. It would be nice to have Halladay toeing the rubber every five days.

Also, these G-20 meetings are an absolute freak show from all the nuts that come out to protest. Google what happened in London and Pittsburgh. The G-20 brings out the moonbats. Nobody would want to go to a ballgame in the shit storm that is gonna hit Toronto. This ain't some plumbing fixture convention coming to town.

Matt_CC said...

Geez Leaker, who pissed in your cereal?

William said...

It's definitely a kicker of a decision for Toronto fans. But the decision is even worse for NL East rivals as the Phillies now get three extra home games WITH a DH. While I can understand the rationale, the games should have been pushed to a neutral site if anything.

Anonymous said...

Sober up and Tao and Ack, and start blogging again!

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