Friday, January 29, 2010

A few of my favorite things

So, we've managed to sneak away for a moment from massively self-serving discussions of strategic directivity and other such conference talking notes ("look-in-awe-at-my-PowerPoint-and-tell-me-I'm-pretty!") to catch up with you crazy kids.

So how's it going, anyways? Any news?

Even though our spirit-crushing work schedule has us in the dumps, there is redemption just hours away. We're getting ready to head to warmer climes tomorrow for a week, and that's a good thing. Not just for us, you understand, but for all Jays fans. Because, if the tradition holds, the second we leave the country and check out of the baseball info-grid for a few days, the Jays will do something stupendous. Stupendously awesome? Stupendously awful? Who knows? But know that something is coming. (Maybe you can start building the stencil for the Johnny Damon Blue Jays t-shirt stencil right now...)

Beyond the possibilities of some major move being made (and the Ack hopefully showing up to work on time to comment about it in our absence), we have other reasons for the raised spirits.

For instance: Did you know that a drunken rant, when put forth in the presence of an excellent Jays blogger, can be the germ of great post? Because somehow, Drew at GRoF wove our angry old man routine about stats nerds ruining the world into a golden post on the dilemma of Aaron Hill. (Believe!!!1) It's like we wrote an awesome post, without even having to write it!

Another reason for a little sunshine and happiness in our world is the stellar grade we received from the Drunk Jays Fans in their annual report card on the media and bloggeratti. An A! We got an A! Just think what we would have had if we we we didn't use we we we all the time. WE!

(Confession time: I kinda hate the "we" thing, and had intended to drop it at the turn of the decade, but a friend told me that the blog would totally lose its voice if I did. And even if I didn't believe it, I didn't feel like I could take the chance. "We" it is.)

A final reason for some joy: A very deserving man will be inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. We were thrilled to see the news that Allan Roth, one of the true innovators in the statistical analysis of baseball, will be inducted into the hall in St. Mary's Ontario this summer. Alan Schwarz talks a lot in his book The Numbers Game about Roth's role in evolving the way that numbers are used to understand the game. Mazel!


Anonymous said...

Bon voyage, Tao. And to AA, get Damon.

Anonymous said...

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Tao of Stieb said...

Hi there!

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The Ack said...

I'll be around this weekend (and beyond), but not tonight. Gotta get my glam rock on.

By the way Tao, thanks for emptying out the franchise's bank account for yet another warm weather vacation. I'm getting sick of the fucking mail room.

I kid!

KP said...

"'We' can't put our finger on it!!" I get it now!!!

Those hosers at DJF think they're the cock of the walk but I tell you they're cock of nothing!

Aaron Hill is teh best. No doubt in my mind.

Anonymous said...

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QJays said...

I know I kidded on it in the past (not that it would be remembered), but the "we" is greatness.
And yes, the DJF gave you an "A", and in my opinion, despite the comment section, the "content" quality of DJF is generally on par with you (you-plural + Ack) and GRoF.

It just ain't worth talking to those guys though. It's a god-damned circus over there.

Anonymous said...

DJF sucks cock but they can't get anyone to come! See what I did there?

Anonymous said...

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