Monday, June 18, 2007

What will A.J.’s DL stint mean for the Jays?

Well, it apparently won’t mean an end to his hijinx and monkeyshines during the game.

If you look at the video below of the chili peppers race between innings at Saturday’s game, you’ll see someone in a uniform go running past them at top speed. (Whoever posted the clip was more interested in the chilis, so they missed out on the real story of the race.)

Initially, we thought it was one of the ball boys goofing off, until we realized that it was in fact Burnett, who had decided to demonstrate to the 30,000 amassed at the Rogers Centre that in a foot race, he can totally kick the ass of a bunch of dudes in rubber costumes.

We also noted that he looked pain-free when he threw his arms up in victory, but that’s apparently a totally different muscle group.

Now, we’re left to wonder whether if this shoulder injury will prevent A.J. from hoisting a cooler full of ice-water onto unsuspecting teammates and Sam Consentino.

Final sidenote: We have noticed that the shaving cream pies have been in short supply lately. Do you suppose someone in the Jays’ hierarchy put the kibosh on this practice? We always thought it was a bit dangerous to reward a fine on-field performance by ramming an alcohol-based foam into the eyes, nose and mouth of a teammate. But that’s just us.


Joanna said...

I love the term monkeyshine. I refered to the chilli footrace as shenanigans, but only because you got monkeyshine first. As for the DL thing, it's frustrating. Why did Gibby punish AJ with insanse pitch counts? I know he is competitive but it's the skip's job to reign him in if necessary.

Reid K Smith said...

I hope the DL stint isn't too long. With Halladay being a bit sketchy of late, Burnett has been doing unbelievable things. Unfortunately, it sounds like fatigue, but that usually means it isn't. But then, if there was ever a guy to suffer from fatigue, it'd be this guy... 130+ pitches almost every outing. Why?