Friday, November 18, 2011

The New Jays Logo

Whomp. There it is.

It was entirely likely that we were going to like these new uniforms by sheer force of will. But there was a gnawing feeling that we had in the lead up to the announcement that there would be something weird or untenable about the new look.

As it turned out, we needn't have turned off our critical faculties to enjoy the rebrand. The uniforms are classic, and look pretty sweet. The font is actually a lot nicer than we had figured after catching a brief glimpse of it in the teaser video, and the player's numbers with the white inline are absolutely fantastic. And the blue! So much blue!

The alternate blue jersey is especially on point, and actually nicer than any dark jersey in the history of the franchise. We can see that a lot of fans will gravitate towards it when making their apparel choices.

The sweet new duds won't be worth much in the win column, and they won't make balls fly over the fence or whoosh past the opponents' bats. But they feel right. They look like the Blue Jays are supposed to look.

And in our mind's eye, we can see players wearing that uniform in a celebratory pile. That's the warmest fuzzy of all.


Bluebird in Boulder said...

Shouldn't that read fonts?

I quite like it, although the 2 fonts as a bit distracting. Maple Leaf should be a pinch smaller. I'm REALLY happy they went and threw it over a baseball, though. A modernized version of the classic, or just the classic really, is what many fans wanted so hard to be too disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Two fonts are super-distracting, and I think the maple leaf in all the versions of the logo on the new unis is too big. Otherwise, though, fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the logo on the front of the jersey... was always my least favourite part of the original uniforms. I think I would have preferred players numbers on the front, and the logo on the sleeve. Other than that, I am really happy with the way they turned out.

Tao of Stieb said...

I like the number to be on the front of the jersey as well, but I can live without it.

Anonymous said...

I would've loved a white panel home cap or a powder blue alt, but I won't lose sleep without them. Perfect, excellent, fantastic job all around.

Now let's get started on that petition to MLB for a move to the AL Central.

Chad said...

When you picture the celebratory pile, are the players wearing just the jersey?

Anyhoo, I give the new look a thumbs-up.

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Very nice. Good job by the team's marketing people. I like it.

KissMyPurpleButt said...

Nice work. Don't love the two fonts but love the oversized logo on the cap.

The Ack said...

I am in love with the new look.

All of it.

I want to marry it sister wives style.

SloaneScholar1 said...

I must have been blinded by sheer excitement because I didn't notice the two fonts until you mentioned it. I'm partial to the road version myself. BTW, I checked out the stores in Toronto yesterday and there's a way bigger selection for women (most of which isn't bedazzled but is definitely over-priced).

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Ron said...

The jersey is nice, the fonts have a bit too much serif but I can live with that. The blue uniforms are very nice. One thing about the uniforms of the last 8 years, they coincided with my renewed interest in the Jays (regardless of how I was no fan of the look). The Fregosi/Martinez/Tosca era was the bottom of the barrel with this franchise. Hate to give J.P.R any credit since his tenure gave the team a slight upswing.