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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full Tilt Lawrie

It was just about the time that we managed to get our heart rate down to normal after a day of angrily watching the fall out from the most dubious of dubious non-stories.

And then, with the bases loaded, Brett Lawrie - FULL TILT! GORDIE DOUGIE! - steps to the plate and we're thinking: "If this dude hits a home run right here and right now, with everything that's going on...he's going to be a legend. This would be huge." And then...well, you all know what happened:

A towering shot that hung in the air just long enough to build anticipation to monumental levels, then landed just the other side of the wall.

Lawrie fist pump.

Crowd roars.

Lawrie nearly laps Aaron Hill on the basepaths.

Twitter feed blows up.

Lawrie nearly takes Brian Butterfield's hand off as he rounds third. (Shadows of things to come.)

Home plate high-fives-to-chest-bumps, and exaltations to fudge (FUDGE YEAH!).

Then, the most energetic dugout high-five line in Jays history.

Hard high fives are doled out from Lawrie towards anyone who dares congratulate him.

Grown men - athletes! - flinch and stagger back at the force of the celebratory exchange.

Helmet boogie.

"Woo! Woo! Woo!"

Spike the helmet.

Helmet hits Edwin Encarnacion in the chest.

Chest bump for Edwin Encarnacion, to make sure his chest is still okay.

Mad pacing through the dugout.

Teammates falling over laughing at the lunacy of the moment.

More pacing.

Swig of Powerade.

Powerade goes down the wrong hole.

Cough out Powerade.

Curtain call.


If we'd known that he'd be this fun to watch, we might have shoulder to shoulder with those of you asking when he was going to get the call months ago. And seriously: When was the last time that being a Jays fan was THIS MUCH FUN?