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Friday, May 30, 2008

Back in the saddle

Hello darlin's. Nice to see ya again.

It's been a hellish time for your humble scribe over the past week, and right about now, we're dying to get back to our daily Jays-oriented rituals.

We almost hesitate to make any sort of a comeback to the blogoworld, because a) the Jays have been doing quite well, thank you, since we went away, and b) we're only halfway done with our secret missions.

We'll confess to being a bit out of the loop, as we've read game stories or boxscores but have only seen a handful of innings since our last post. So in all truth, you probably know way more than we do about how the Jays are trending.

God almighty, we're looking forward to sitting back and enjoying a game. Listening to JaysTalk wingnuts. Reading the Drunks and understanding the references. Just a few more days to go.

Gibby, reconsidered
If there is one self-criticism that we would level at our own blog, it is the way we bounce back and forth on John Gibbons. Just a few weeks ago, we were eulogizing him. Now, he's won his 300th game as the Blue Jays' manager, and sits behind only Cito and Bobby Cox in that category. The Jays have pulled off a bit of a winning run, and have done so with several regulars in and out of the lineup with injuries. Maybe the good ol' boy has been pulling the right strings, or maybe it's all luck and balls are falling in. Or maybe there are benefits to facing the Royals for four games.

In the end, we shouldn't be praising Gibby for this run any more than we should be blaming him for the team going into the tank a few weeks back. Still, we have to admire his resiliency. No matter how many times we (and others like us) count him out, John Gibbons gets up of the canvas and gets back on his feet. That's got to be worth something.

A final introspective thought
We'd generally hesitate to respond to anonymous comments, but this one had us befuddled and bemused: "This blog just doesn't have the same enterainment quality as the drunks. That, and a past anti-American quip was unwarranted."

Let's just say that we'd generally agree that the Drunks have a higher "enterainment" factor than we do. But we're way prettier.

Also, can anyone think of the anti-American quip that we made? Not that we're above such a thing, but we can't remember it. (A note to the anonymous American: Develop a thicker skin. You're going to need it in the coming years.)