Monday, November 24, 2008

Florida sounds real good right about now

We're freezing our nuts off, and it isn't even December yet. Can anybody explain to us what the hell our forefathers were thinking when they settled on this land of slush and sleet and snow? This is no sort of climate for a self-respecting baseball fan.

It's this time of year that reminds us of what a sound decision Papa Tao made when he purchased his fifth-wheel trailer and started heading down to Florida for the winters. It doesn't matter that it costs him a small fortune to haul that beast down there, or that he's chosen to live in what Vic Chesnutt called "the redneck Riviera". At least he's not spending his stretch run shivering and shoveling.

And speaking of the good life in FLA, the Jays released their 2009 Spring Training schedule, which kicks off three months from tomorrow versus the Yankees.

Three months. It sounds so close, yet it seems so far.



dave said...

It seems farther away then it is because of the amount of hockey highlights that have to be watched from now till then.

Anonymous said...

MLB has blessed the Jays with perhaps the easiest first half compared with the hardest second half of the season. Maybe they want the Jays to be in it to pretend to make a pennant run! This is the reason MLB schedule makers have such a nightmare- they mess with it to help keep teams in the race that shouldn't be there.
-brent in Korea

Anonymous said...


Ian H. said...

Road Trip!

Brendan said...

You southern ontario folk are such pussies.